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Building on a Strong Foundation.


Glen Lake Camp has been a vital ministry of the Central Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church since 1939.  The 105-acre campus was established in a curve of the Paluxy River offering privacy, river access, and incredible views from one of the highest points of the area.  Friends, ministers, laity, and youth of the conference all volunteered their labor and time to build cabins, a dining hall, and meeting buildings.  Throughout the decades, many new additions were added to Glen Lake Camp including modern facilities to expand programming and opportunities to serve a wide variety of groups in a Christian atmosphere.

The Strategic Plan
Outlines five key areas for growth. 

  • Update summer camp and growth model

  • Create intentional leadership development model

  • Build organizational capacity - board development

  • Expand impact of retreat program

  • Develop unique attraction - nature exploration area


Summer Camp
In 2021, Glen Lake Summer Camp provided an outstanding experience of living in Christian community for 1,057 campers with 46 summer staff and 65 volunteers.

Leadership Development
In 2021, 10 students participated in our Emerging Leaders Institute (ELI), giving high school students leadership experience during and beyond camp.

In 2022, we have 7 students participating in the Emerging Leaders Institute. 

Expand Impact of Retreat Program
In 2021, we had 7 new churches hold retreats. Plus 4 schools, 2 non-profits, and 4 returning churches. 2021 guest group revenue equaled $544,626.36.

  • In September 2021, Bible Camp had 20 churches participating with 127 participants.

  • February 2022, we offered 2 WINTER CAMP weekends with 241 participants.

  • In 2023, we look forward to the addition of a College Winter Weekend.

Develop Nature Exploration Area
For 2022, Glen Lake has received a $67,100 grant from United Methodist Camp and Retreat Ministries to build a pavilion in the upper area across the river where the cross is located. The pavilion will provide water, bathrooms, electricity, and storm protection. 

The Master Plan Priority One
New waterpark and central green. 

The current waterpark was designed and built in 1998 and has provided memories for thousands of campers and guests of Glen Lake.  It is often the first element that excites young people as they consider a trip to Glen Lake Camp. A recreational water feature is critical for the spring, summer, and fall ministry of Glen Lake Camp and serves as a physical location for incredible ministry opportunities through relationships with campers and guests.

"the current waterpark is at the end of its useful life and must be replaced."

Additional Master Plan Priorities Include:

  • Vintage Cabin Update

  • Destination Program Areas - upper area of the property

  • Leadership Center

  • Turner and Siceloff Renovation

  • Chapel Expansion

  • Leader Lodging

Thank You
Glen Lake is a holy place where God meets children, youth, young adults, and adults as they grow in their faith and seek to be disciples.  

For more information about the Strategic Plan and Master Plan, please contact Daran Miller, Executive Director at

Board of Directors

Dawn Brown                          Colin Campbell                    Neal Bridges        
Ryan Holt                                Allison Farrell   

Matt Rashti                             Nelson Schulze                     

Mike Ford  

Glen Lake Camp & Retreat Center Full Site

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Glen Lake Camp & Retreat Center Zoomed Site

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environment where authentic relationships are formed. Our Mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.


strives to create a Christian 

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